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New IMO Regulations on Diving

The 9th session of the IMO’s Sub-Committee on Ship Systems and Equipment (SSE 9) was held from 27 February to 3 March 2023. SSE 9 finalized the revision of the Code of Safety for Diving Systems to enhance the safety of divers in fixed and portable diving systems. Diving systems safety The Code of [...]

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Dimensions • Built Rotterdam: 1969-1970 • Weight: 184.5 Tons • Outside Diameter: 11.0m • Inside Diameter: 3.7m • Draft: 4.8m • Skirt Diameter: 14.6m • Buoyancy Tanks: 4 • Anchor legs: 8 • Chain Size: 89mm Active Dates • 1970-1974 • 1979-1980 • 1988-1989 • 1993-1994 • 2000-2001 • 2015-2016 Storage Dates • 1974-1979 • [...]

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Underwater acoustic measurements can help to assess the impact you’re having on the marine life around you

Along with Quality, Health and Safety, Environment is one of the core pillars here at OSC Marine. Recently, one of our clients asked us to take underwater acoustic measurements at a number of points to assess whether the marine life in the area is being disturbed or is at risk.  Why do we take [...]

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Mooring systems for fluid transfer systems

When bulk liquid fuel tankers transport products (refined or unrefined), they need to make use of a short-term mooring system when loading and offloading the product. The mooring system is either a single point mooring system (SPM) or a conventional buoy mooring system (CBM).  An SPM is anchored, serving its purpose as a single [...]

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7 commercial diving safety risks that makes this service unique

Commercial diving has been considered a major accident hazard by both Oil & Gas and renewable energy industry players. This means that when things go wrong and accidents happen, there is a high potential for one or more team member deaths. Here are the top seven major safety hazards you need to be aware [...]

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The challenges of underwater thruster removal

Underwater thruster removal from active Special Purpose Vessels is a specialised and technically-complex operation. That means that this task has its own set of challenges and you’ll need a trustworthy and cost-effective solution to get the job done right. OSC Marine can help you there. Reliability, safety, quality and customer satisfaction are synonymous with OSC [...]

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Towards the end of the 20th century a chemical called Tributyltin was introduced into many hull paints with an illusory promise that ship hull cleaning would no longer be necessary. Like in many other areas in life, substituting hard work and manpower for chemicals was not the answer. Not only did this chemical not work [...]

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We are pleased to announce that on the 25th September, the OSC Marine Group (OSC) signed an agreement with Connector Subsea Solutions (CSS) Bergen, Norway for sales support throughout South Africa. The agreement, enables the supply (sale or rental) of premium pipeline repair products to support service work delivered locally with expertise to South [...]

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Multimarine Services Ltd. (MMS), Limassol, Cyprus announced on October 4th, that it has signed an agreement with the OSC Marine Group Ltd. (OSC) from South Africa in order to offer complete shallow and deepwater subsea intervention services throughout the East Mediterranean and North Africa regions. The agreement, with a minimum duration of 2-years, is [...]

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Team Effort – One Way to Stop Ocean Pollution

Protecting and maintaining our oceans against human pollution is no easy task but there are solutions to make it achievable. Team work is always a good way to achieve goals and begin the process of achieving a pollution-free ocean. The Durban Harbour Cleanup: A good example of excellent team work was the combined efforts [...]

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