Rig & Ship Husbandry

  • Cofferdams for External Defects
  • Blanking for Valve Replacement
  • Removal of Ropes / Tyres from Propellors
  • Removal of Plastics in Gratings / Intakes
  • Drydock Extension
  • Grounding Damage
  • Pintle / Wear Down Reading
  • Vessel Hull Anode Replacement
  • Rope Guard Replacement
  • Welding Repair to Submerged Area
  • Crack Arresting
  • Propellor Cropping
  • Damage and Sales Inspections
  • Sealing and Transducer Changeouts
  • Repairs and Replacement to Rudders (Afloat Class Approved)
  • Repairs and Replacement of Stern Tube seals
  • Bow Thruster Change – Out
  • Shell Plate Repairs – Vertical and Horizontal
  • Marine Growth Removal

E300 – The Workings

OSC Marine Group has designed and built an environment friendly, in-water, lightweight, portable hull cleaning system that removes and captures marine growth from a vessel or other underwater surface through a fully enclosed suction system. The E300 incorporates the complete system of tools to handle all underwater ship husbandry requirements.

Capture, removal and treatment of waste from in-water cleaning are the key elements of a complete hull cleaning system. Hull cleaning does not destroy all the organisms removed, fragmentation/dislodgement allow natural dispersal of some algae organisms. It is therefore critical that an effective cleaning system includes an effective capturing system.

E300 Safety Features

  • Dedicated Brush Cart Umbilical provides emergency breathing gas, camera, lighting, power and depth monitoring to the cart independently of diver umbilical.
  • Diver emergency bailout gas cylinders are integral to hull cleaning machine – compliant with IMCA, Oil & Gas
  • Integral lighting – multiple points of light provide visible working area and assist with recovery in heavy silt environments
  • Diver operated switch – automatic kill switch ensures the diver is in control of the cart at all times
  • Supervisor Control – supervisor has video and audio on the diver and cart, also has the control of the power pack
  • Buoyancy – cart is positively buoyant. Cart is driven below the hull at all times. If disconnected from the vessel, it will mover to the surface in a controlled ascent.
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E300 – Technical Details

Hydraulically driven 3 brush system with interchangeable brushes. Brush designs include:

  • Multi-Flex Poly Knocker for Macro Fouling.
  • Nylon Brush for Microfouling.


  • Physical Characteristics: Length 1,65m, Width 1,08m
  • Weight in Water – Positively Buoyant
  • Weight in Air – Approximately 400kg.
  • Hydraulic power pack – Diesel Driven with integrated spill tray, 120m length


  • Durban; Richards Bay; Cape Town; Saldanha Bay – Mobilize to most ports for specialized cleaning.
  • Offshore locations for FPSO and specialized cleaning operations

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