For the defined markets, the OSC Marine Group offers the following types of commercial diving and subsea construction services. These services require specific equipment and skilled operators to effect the service.

Oil and Gas

  • Oil field Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) Contracts
  • Pipeline installation support
  • ROV Pipeline surveys (report writing 3.4u) and drilling support
  • Diving support subsea construction, Shallow and Deep
  • Green field development
  • SBM, Installation support and SBM maintenance contracts
  • Class Surveys for Oil & Gas rigs and specialist vessels
  • Platform and FPSO hook-up installations
  • Platform and Field Decommissioning works
  • Subsea completions
  • Inter-field pipeline and subsea completion tie-ins
  • CALM Buoy and CBM installation, commissioning and IRM (Air and Saturation range)
  • Wet welding (Air range)
  • Free span rectification

Rig & Ship Husbandry

  • Semi-Submersible Support Services including Fender Spacer Barges (Naval Architecture calculations for fendering & mooring)
  • Rig Drill Ship Support Services
  • Cofferdams designed & built to repair external defects (cracks, hull damage, groundings)
  • Thruster removal, repair, and re-installation
  • Blanking for Valve replacement
  • Removal of Ropes / Tyres from Props
  • Removal of Plastics in gratings / intake
  • Drydock extension
  • Grounding damage
  • Pintle / Wear down reading
  • IACS – Class Inwater surveys
  • Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Drydocking (UWILD)
  • Vessel Hull Anode replacement
  • Rope guard replacement
  • Welding repair to submerged areas
  • Propeller Cropping
  • Damage and Sales Inspections
  • Hull Cleaning (Harbour)
  • Hull Cleaning (Outer Port Limit – OPL)
  • Propellor Polishing
  • Environmental-compliant Hull Cleaning & Propeller Polishing (EH300 purpose-built environmentally-compliant machine)

Marine Civils Construction

  • Port Construction & Repairs
  • Pre-Construction Design Surveys
  • Dams – Bell mouth blanking
  • Dams – Valve blanking and replacement
  • Dams – Minor Dredging, desilting, clear suctions
  • Dam – Quay wall Inspection and Repair
  • Salvage of equipment / vehicles
  • Dredging of silt ponds; dredging internal pipelines
  • Tunnel-Boring Machine (TBM) exit-pit dredging and recovery
  • TBM recovery and hyperbaric support
  • Track rack removal
  • Guiderail repairs
  • Submersible pump recovery
  • Underwater welding
  • Underwater concrete works
  • Fender repairs
  • Sheet pile rectification
  • Underwater cutting/coring
  • Geo fabric installation
  • Pipeline IRM and installation
  • Desalination and HDPE Pipelines Installation & Maintenance
  • Slipway repairs/construction
  • Rock revetment works
  • Anode inspection / replacement

Salvage & Pollution

  • Bespoke Salvage – small craft
  • Specialist service to Mult-National salvage companies
  • Recovery of subsea assets
  • Rapid response salvage support
  • ‘Croc-Dock’ – in-water pollution recovery – providing 24/7 harbour plastic removal
  • ‘Disruptor-Net’ – on-pipe waste nets that capture in-river waste
  • ‘River-Isolator’ – fast-flowing streams – ensures minimal plastic waste exits rivers

EPRS – Emergency Pipeline Repair Solutions

  • Emergency Pipeline Repair Solutions, including:
    • 24/7 call-out through Support Contract
    • On-site specialist cofferdams for near shore marine deployment
    • Near Shore marine assets
  • Damage Inspection
  • Approved welding procedures

Hyperbaric Welding

  • Specialist Hyperbaric welding for Steel and HDPE pipelines
  • Engineering team with over 25 years of Hyperbaric design and operational experience

Remote Operated Vehicles

  • Large work class ROV for Southern North Sea and Southern Waters of Africa
  • Long tether executions
  • Drill ship support

Offshore Topside Inspection Services

Upstream and midstream oil & gas installation offer some of the most hostile working environments, our risk management systems allow OSC Marine Group to work in these environments with competent and compliant personnel and equipment.

From inspecting oil storage tanks to working at heights of over 100m on stacks, jack up rigs and flare towers, access to critical components is made extremely difficult and costly due to the stringent safety standard of the industry. The OSC Marine Group can assemble and mobilize personnel for the oil & gas sector, making it a viable solution to safe maintenance at height and difficult positions.

Services for onshore and offshore assets worldwide:

  • Asset Preservation & Fabric Maintenance utilizing OSC Marine Group own Asset Preservation System (APS)
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
      • Phased Array Inspection (weld, nozzle and corrosion mapping)
      • Eddy Current Inspection
      • Flaw Detection and thickness gauging (UT)
      • Magnetic Particle (MT) and Dye Penetrant (PT)
  • Lifting Equipment Inspections (LOLER 1998 / LEEA COPSUL)
  • CAT III & CAT IV Mast and Sub Structure Inspections & Post inspection remedial teams
  • API 4G Derrick and Sub structure inspections
  • FPSO Commissioning Crews
  • Confined Space Entry and Rescue Teams
  • Rig wide dropped object prevention surveys (DROPS)
  • Aerial Rigging (including dis-assembling and welding of piping and steelworks, Hook Up and Commissioning Rigging Assistance)
  • Safety Systems Installations
  • SPS Surveys to ABS Requirements

Pipeline Inspection

OSC Marine Group is a recognized Subsea Engineering and services company in providing specialist services to our clients since 1962.

Our Pipeline inspection services are a natural extension of our technical corrosion inspection works for offshore and topside environments.

The majority of pipeline-related incidents happen due to

  • Metal loss, such as corrosion
  • Cracking
  • Incorrect pipe grade or poor joints


Our partnership with LIN SCAN offers OSC the capability to inspect and maintain pipelines that transport both liquid and gas in even the harshest environments. Maintenance and repair activities aim for minimum surface preparation and shut-down time for cost effectiveness. Certification and training of application technicians can be made upon client request.

Pipeline integrity

  • Pipeline inspection and assessment
  • Pipeline condition monitoring (4D Reporting)
  • Flexible Riser Inspection and Life Extension
  • IO Cofferdams – Near Shore deployment.
  • Near Shore marine assets
  • Offshore Damage inspection
  • Approved welding procedures

Pipeline subsea leak detection

  • Pipeline Subsea Leak Detection
  • ProFlex Pipe-SafeTM – Africa & Middle East Region – Pioneering Subsea Leak detection.
  • Remote pressure sensors deployed on pipelines at intervals of up to 16 km (10 miles). Simple integration with pipeline system.
  • Real-time data analysis resulting in leak detection and
    location within seconds of leak occurring.
  • Advanced Inspection – Using advanced scanners, inspection of pipeline in leak location to assess cause of bleak and localized structural integrity.
  • External Leak Repair – Infield repair using hi-tech composite wrap repair systems and Smart Clamps allowing an immediate structural repair of pipeline leak with minimal environmental damage.

Emergency pipeline response

  • Emergency Pipeline Repair Solution including:
  • 24/7 call out (Support contract)
  • IO Cofferdams – Near Shore deployment.
  • Near Shore marine assets
  • Offshore Damage inspection
  • Specialist Hyperbaric welding for Steel pipelines
  • In-situ repair of submerged HDPE pipelines with cofferdam and subsea joint.
  • Engineering team with over 25 years of Hyperbaric design and operational experience