Oil and Gas

OSC Marine Group is a recognized Subsea Engineering and services company in providing underwater specialist services for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry since 1998. 

Inspection Repair and Maintenance (IRM)

  • NDT  – Rope access, Diving, ROV and Intelligent Pigging Services.
  • Asset mapping with 4D reporting and differential highlighting.
  • Engineering Services – Risk Based Inspection, Corrosion Engineers, Pipeline Engineers and Pressure System Engineers. Assessments for fitness for service.
  • Cathodic Protection – Inspection, Assessment and Retro-fitting of CP.
  • Technology Jump – using the latest technologies from internationally recognized leaders in the field.

Construction Support

  • IMCA compliant equipment and management system for Air, Mixed Gas and Saturation Diving allowing the dive team to work to depths of 300m.
  • Dynamic Positioned Vessels and equipment for Construction work.
  • Marine cable installations including Rig site preparations and shore end landings. 
  • Vessel and marine plant supply for all phases of the marine works needed.

Decommissioning Support

Providing subsea cutting technologies with ROV and diving intervention. 

Our WROV’s vary in size and capability and can be suited to undertake most observation and decommissioning tasks.

Specialized Repair Services

  • Hyperbaric wet welding for in-water repair.
  • Hyperbaric dry welding using cofferdams and habitats for Hull, Pipeline and Jacket repair. 
  • Specialized Hull cleaning using ROV and manned technologies.
  • Subsea engineering for procedures, Excavation and Site Preparation.
  • Emergency Pipeline Repair Support – EPRS.