Pipeline Inspection and Integrity Management

OSC Marine Group is a recognized Subsea Engineering and services company in providing specialist services to our clients since 1962.

Our Pipeline inspection services are a natural extension of our technical corrosion inspection works for offshore and topside environments.

The majority of pipeline-related incidents happen due to

  • Metal loss, such as corrosion
  • Cracking
  • Incorrect pipe grade or poor joints


Our partnership with LIN SCAN offers OSC the capability to inspect and maintain pipelines that transport both liquid and gas in even the harshest environments. Maintenance and repair activities aim for minimum surface preparation and shut-down time for cost effectiveness. Certification and training of application technicians can be made upon client request.

Pipeline integrity

  • Pipeline inspection and assessment
  • Pipeline condition monitoring (4D Reporting)
  • Flexible Riser Inspection and Life Extension
  • IO Cofferdams – Near Shore deployment.
  • Near Shore marine assets
  • Offshore Damage inspection
  • Approved welding procedures

Pipeline subsea leak detection

  • Pipeline Subsea Leak Detection
  • ProFlex Pipe-SafeTM – Africa & Middle East Region – Pioneering Subsea Leak detection.
  • Remote pressure sensors deployed on pipelines at intervals of up to 16 km (10 miles). Simple integration with pipeline system.
  • Real-time data analysis resulting in leak detection and
    location within seconds of leak occurring.
  • Advanced Inspection – Using advanced scanners, inspection of pipeline in leak location to assess cause of bleak and localized structural integrity.
  • External Leak Repair – Infield repair using hi-tech composite wrap repair systems and Smart Clamps allowing an immediate structural repair of pipeline leak with minimal environmental damage.

Emergency pipeline response

  • Emergency Pipeline Repair Solution including:
  • 24/7 call out (Support contract)
  • IO Cofferdams – Near Shore deployment.
  • Near Shore marine assets
  • Offshore Damage inspection
  • Specialist Hyperbaric welding for Steel pipelines
  • In-situ repair of submerged HDPE pipelines with cofferdam and subsea joint.
  • Engineering team with over 25 years of Hyperbaric design and operational experience.