Salvage & Pollution

OSC Marine Group is a recognized underwater specialist and has been providing environmental integrity solutions and services to the industry since 1962.

Our Products for maintaining our earth’s balance of Environmental Integrity is based on good engineering solutions and providing it in a simple and ingenious way. We offer three solutions to the plastic waste problem impacting our oceans:


  • For surface waste in fast flowing streams ensuring minimal plastic waste exits the streams feeding the larger rivers.
  • Reduces the pollution load on larger rivers.
  • For remote monitoring, can be linked with a fill status signal system.
  • Employment opportunity for small communities.   


  • ON-pipe waste nets that capture city based culvert waste thereby reducing the waste amount entering the major rivers. 
  • Our NetRoll allows the DisruptorNet to be enlarged as the waste increases in volume in the net. This unique design provides a constant tension on the net to maintain an optimum fill rate ensuring maximum catchment and use of the nets’ capability.  Typically, without this control, nets are smaller in size and do not fill to maximum capacity, allowing waste to go over the system.
  • All nets are provided with a fail-safe rope ensuring the captured waste is recovered should a net fail. This allows the net neck to close and pull to the side of the river for later collection.


  • An In-water pollution recovery machine that provides 24/7 removal of plastic surface waste from harbours.
  • We offer the CrocDock in a raw industrial look or with a more friendly covered look. Styled to suit your local wildlife.
  • The CrocDock provides constant recovery of harbour waste that has entered through the rivers. Additional booms can be used to focus the waste to the steps.

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