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About Us

The OSC Marine Group, whose founding company was established in 1962, was formed by entrepreneurs in the Subsea Industry with a philosophy that still prevails today. Reliability, Quality, Safety and Customer Satisfaction are synonymous with the OSC Marine Group and all its service offerings. Successful, long-standing relationships with our clients are testament to comprehensive subsea skillsets and support across all Inshore and Offshore sectors. 

Our commercial diving and engineering offerings service markets that require work-scopes including: Oil & Gas Installation, Repair, & Maintenance (IRM); Emergency Pipeline Repair Solutions (EPRS); Hyperbaric Welding capabilities; Rig & Ship Husbandry; Marine Civli’s & Construction; Salvage & Pollution Control, and Topside requirements.

OSC Marine Group has established itself as the go-to company for reliable, honest, timeous and dynamic solutions for all types of projects relating to commercial diving.  These projects include large-scale offshore oil and gas construction and IRM; inshore harbours, dams, lakes, rivers, vessels, pipelines (potable, industrial, sewerage), and reservoirs.

OSC Marine Group operates throughout Southern Africa, East and West Africa, and has operational bases in Cape Town – OSC Cape Diving (Pty) Ltd – and Durban – OSC Tag Diving (Pty) Ltd. as well as Tema (Ghana), Angola (Cab Ships JV), Pemba/Palma (Mozambique), and Mauritius.

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We are proactive, expedient, flexible, safe and responsive to customer requirements. The importance of protecting the environment is part and parcel of this philosophy.