The 9th session of the IMO’s Sub-Committee on Ship Systems and Equipment (SSE 9) was held from 27 February to 3 March 2023. SSE 9 finalized the revision of the Code of Safety for Diving Systems to enhance the safety of divers in fixed and portable diving systems.

Diving systems safety

The Code of Safety for Diving Systems, 1995 (1995 Diving Code) provides international standards for the design, construction and survey of commercial diving systems. The purpose is to enhance the safety of divers/personnel, but also to facilitate the international movement and operation of diving systems. SSE 9 finalized a draft of a new International Code of Safety for Diving Operations, 2023 (2023 Diving Code). The 1995 Diving Code will continue to exist for existing diving systems.

The significant updates include:

  • provisions for portable diving systems and surface supplied diving systems;
  • provisions for ships with diving systems installed;
  • provisions for integration between the diving systems and the ships carrying them, including integration of the ships’ ISM system with the diving contractors’ safety management system;
  • and measures to ensure evacuation of divers all the way to a place of safety.

The draft of the new code was submitted to MSC 107 (June 2023) and approved. The new code will be applicable from Jan 2024.

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