Remote Operated Vehicles


OSC Marine Group is a recognized underwater specialist and has provided services for multiple offshore applications:

  • Pipeline Inspection (NDT), Repair and Maintenance
  • Decommissioning intervention
  • Subsea dredging and site management
  • Drill rig support
  • Deepwater Construction

Our services include ROV supply, skilled pilots with engineering backgrounds, repairs & maintenance and bespoke ROV Pilot training.

Seaeye Falcon and Falcon DR

Powerful, portable and versatile. Designed for coastal and inshore operations or for fly away operations offshore.

  • 300 m depth rating (DR – 1000m), 8.5 kg payload 
  • Speed  – 1.5 knots
  • Max 450 m umbilical length upgradeable to 1100 m length
  • 50 kgf of thrust with 1:1 power to weight ratio, no additional payload
  • Variable intensity 150 Watts of lighting
  • Single phase 100-270 VAC universal power input at 2.8 kW

Seaeye Tiger and Lynx

Widely regarded as the leading observation and inspection vehicles within the oil and gas industry.

  • 1000 m depth rating (Lynx 1500 m), 32 kg payload, Speed  – 3 knots
  • TMS type 2 or type 8, or free-swimming operation
  • Two live video channels (Lynx 4 channels) and ethernet capability
  • Sonar systems, altimeter
  • Scientific measurement systems (bathy, CTD, etc)
  • CP probe (contact or proximity) & UT gauge

Seaeye Cougar XT

Compact, highly flexible and extremely powerful electric ROV with working depths of 2000 m. Designed to accommodate heavier duty tooling via a system of quick-change tool skids making it ideal for survey work, drill support, light construction projects and salvage support operations.

  • 2000 m depth rating, 80 kg payload
  • Four simultaneous video channels
  • Forward Speed 3.2 knots, forward thrust 170 kgf, thrust lateral 120 kgf
  • 4 LED Lamps in 2 individually controlled channels
  • 3 phase 380-480 VAC power input

All ROV’s are available with a variety of optional tools and accessories.